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Share Incentives

Share incentives come in many varieties and not without good reason as the type(s) that would suit your business depend on what you are seeking to achieve. In today’s climate where cash is tight, consistent pay demands can be difficult to meet – so consider share incentives. The team at SM Commercial have dealt with all manner of incentives, from one-off arrangements for senior management to incentives available to all employees.

Share options are the most well-known incentives and these might be HMRC approved incentives or unapproved. The incentives can be very tax efficient if correctly structured and we will work directly with your accountancy advisers on these. Some other incentives do not carry favourable tax treatment, but are just as valuable in terms of achieving specified goals regarding staff. We know that share options are not the only incentives which could work for your business and we have experience of dealing with a wide range of alternatives.

Whatever options would suit your business, the value is in thinking through a strategy at the very outset – effectively, the design of the scheme. Preparing the scheme documentation is one part you would expect us to deliver on (and we will) but having an appreciation of the knock-on effects of the scheme is probably even more important. Your other professional advisers may not spot knock-ons immediately – so let us ensure you set things up correctly from the start.

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