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Fracking – A Wasted Consultation?

Despite 40,000 objections to the plan during a consultation, the government will change trespassing laws to allow fracking to take place automatically under British homes without the owner's permission.

If you're a homeowner, you may be concerned about what this means for the value of your property and what it means for the future.

What is Fracking?

Fracking is a process by which water, sand and a mixture of chemicals are injected into shale rock at high pressures to release natural gas stored inside. This process will allow difficult to reach resources to be extracted from the earth, boosting the UK's ability to produce its own fuel sources.

The new law will only apply to fracking below 300m in the ground, but there have long been concerns about what fracking means for the environment and those people whose houses are located on a potential fracking site.

Small earth tremors and the potential for carcinogenic chemicals leeching into the groundwater are two primary concerns for those that are opposed to fracking as a method of extracting gas.

What Fracking Means for You?

Every step of the way, there has been loud public opposition to fracking and all that comes with it. Despite reservations from those who will be affected by this change, the government has pushed on.

There will be a notification and compensation scheme available, run by the industry, on a voluntary basis. This raises questions as to how the new law will affect those homeowners who will not be compensated because there is no scheme in place to do so.

For those homeowners who may be on the receiving end of fracking, the arguments against the practice will ring true. A man's house has always been his castle, but it seems as though that is only going to be true for up to 300m below the ground. Beyond that, a voluntary notification and compensation scheme is the best you can hope for.

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Dated: 01/10/2014

Author: Greg Cox

Landlord - Residential Letting Contract

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